Can birds eat eggs? Does the nutritional content in commercial egg yolks contain only enough protein for growing chicks? Many people believe that birds only eat eggs to maintain their body’s protein requirements. But is this true? Or is it that other dietary components are more important? Can birds substitute animal and plant protein with just eggs?

So let’s check if birds can eat eggs. To answer all these questions, we need to look into what a bird needs to grow correctly. A chick requires about 70% proteins to grow up strong and healthy. Can you find any bird owned that eats only one type of protein? No, most of them eat at least two kinds of protein, such as in eggs daily, including but not limited to: cereals, grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, grasses, and water.

Birds that eat eggs regularly may also eat other protein types like fish, meat, and meat substitutes. Some owners do feed their pets only with eggs, but how healthy is this practice? One reason is that eggs are made of very high protein content. Scrambled eggs contain one percent protein, much higher than eggs made from other sources. Of course, if you feed your pet dog or cat, you must know that these animals are not meant to consume protein-rich foods, as they are protein deficient.

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Moreover, even if your pet eats only one protein, it doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised. There are two types of protein that are considered healthy for birds owned by pet owners. One is called albumin, and the other one is called pyridoxal. So, whether your bird eats the eggshells or the scrambled eggs, the health of your bird is still intact.

Also, owners often don’t know that some types of birds eating eggs can be allergic to them. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to unhealthy eggshells, you can give your birds a rice cereal. Rice cereals are more nutritious than eggshells but still provide the necessary nutrients. Aside from providing nutrients, these types of cereals are also low in calories, suitable for overweight birds.


Are you wondering how to tell if your birds eat eggs or scrambled eggs? To determine if your pet eats both types of eggs, you need to place a few pieces of eggshells on a dish gently. If your pet immediately covers the shell with his beak, he probably only eats the eggshells. However, if he touches the uncooked eggshells, then he is most likely eating the scrambled eggs. Another way to find out if your pet is eating both kinds of eggs is by keeping an eye on its droppings.

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