Can birds eat peanuts? People are asking if birds can eat peanuts. Peanuts are one of the most common, well-liked snacks consumed by Americans. They are tasty, addictive, and can be found almost anywhere, even on many popular food labels! However, despite their widespread popularity, peanuts are not suitable for birds. Here are the facts.

Aflatoxin is an extremely potent toxin, and birds can be particularly vulnerable to its harmful effects. Found in peanuts, canaries, goldfinches, juncos, and other birds are exquisitely sensitive to its toxic consequences and should always be kept in a safe, cool, well-lit area. While the FDA regularly samples peanut products for contamination purposes to ensure they do not exceed maximum allowable levels, you should still avoid them yourself and try to keep them away from can birds. Aflatoxin can kill can birds very quickly – as much as within 12 hours – and often lead to death and severe illness.

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Can Birds Eat Peanuts? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

The lethal aflatoxin in peanuts comes primarily from the skins, containing the highly poisonous aflatoxins aflatoxin B1 and aflatoxin C. Aflatoxin B is more toxic than aflatoxins A and C and has been proven lethal even at very low doses. The lethal concentration of aflatoxin B1 is only 0.3%. In contrast, canaries, goldfinches, juncos, and other small birds in peanut butter have higher concentrations but are not lethal to birds.

To minimize death’s risk in birds from eating peanuts, you can use food traps that have been labeled as safe for can birds. Peanut butter traps with the label RSPB (Registered Scientific Property) can be purchased online and are safe for birds. RSPB traps can be used to trap birds in any condition. The trap should be placed in an area where the birds have access to water and food but not direct contact with the trap itself. If birds drink or eat some of the peanut mixtures, they may die shortly after eating the trap, as can happen with many other foods.


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