Can birds eat popped popcorn? Many people are puzzled about the question, “can birds eat popped popcorn?” This is because of the prevalent misconception that popcorn popped from a jar or container is exclusively for human beings to enjoy. Contrary to this belief, however, studies have shown that birds also enjoy eating popcorn. Although this may sound shocking to some people, it has been scientifically proven in several different experiments. Here are some examples.

In one experiment, popcorn was served at a table with birdseed sprinkled all over it. Of the birds in the experiment, a surprising 75% of them could eat the popcorn. This proves that not only can animals like birds and dogs enjoy eating popcorn, so can humans.

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In another experiment, birds were provided with treats and were asked to choose which treats they preferred. As you might expect, the birds who got the chocolate ones were the ones who chose the treats. Interestingly enough, it was not the chocolate that made them choose; it was the smell of the chocolate that they found attractive. This proves that not only are birds attracted to the scent of chocolate, they are also able to sense what it is in the food itself. This could mean that popping popcorn is not merely a pop up for birds to eat.

Can Birds Eat Popped Popcorn? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

It has been speculated that the droppings left by the birds when they pop corn are what is in the poops that the owners find attractive. Many people believe that they use the leftover popcorn to attract different kinds of birds into their backyards. This could explain why there are so many birds around the country popping up around your backyards.

Birds poop for many reasons. They may be trying to establish or re-establish a mate, and they may do this to prepare for a new family. They could also have much leftover poop that they don’t use anymore because their feathers have grown since last year. Whatever the reason, the owners will always tell the difference between fresh and old poop. Popcorn, it turns out, could help the birds!

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