Can cats eat asparagus? Is it true that cats can safely eat asparagus? Some people say yes, while others say it is a no go. The asparagus issue has been coming up more lately because of the new asparagus fad that’s currently taking place in the US. This fad involves canned asparagus (also known as ‘pancake asparagus’ or ‘pancake mush’) being fed to pets as part of their diets. As you might expect, a lot of people are saying that this is a no go.

Well, asparagus can be eaten by cats, but only in tiny amounts. Asparagus causes a gas build-up, which can be deadly for them. However, this can be offset if they were already accustomed to eating cooked food – the natural alkaline in the vegetable can neutralise the gastric gas and prevent any harm being caused. So can broccoli and asparagus, if they’re given the right mix.

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Some people will say that if your dog or cat is eating fresh vegetables like asparagus, they won’t get enough vitamin k, an essential fat-soluble vitamin. Canine owners who give their pets peas will often unwittingly be giving them too much vitamin k. Because peas are primarily inedible, a fair amount for a cat or dog would be in the range of 5 oz of water or one tablespoon of dried peas per day. Other vegetables, which are rich in vitamin k, are oats and dandelion. Canines do not require these particular amounts.

Can Cats Eat Asparagus? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

Another vegetable that some folks will try to tell you that dogs and cats can eat is squash. Squash is actually a fruit, and like most fruits, it contains vitamin c. Unfortunately, asparagus itself does not have as much vitamin c as other vegetables. However, squash can be combined with tomatoes to increase the amount of vitamin c a dog or cat receives. One caution: It is best not to give your pet a large portion of squash. (It can become quite indigestible for them.) But if you insist on trying this, try giving small portions in small amounts to avoid any possible digestive problems.

Can cats eat asparagus? Speaking of problems; if you have ever wondered if dogs and cats eat peas, you may want to rethink this. Although both pets may receive some benefit from the vitamin c, there is no scientific evidence that dogs digest as well as cats do. The same can be said for squash. You may be able to give your dog a small amount, but unless you give him a very large portion, they may be indigestible.

If you have just brought home a new puppy or cat and wonder if he or she can eat tomatoes, peppers, or asparagus, you will probably want to stay away from these vegetables. As one of the most common foods your cat will consume, it would be best to make it a simple matter of removing the vegetables from the diet gradually. Then, when you introduce other vegetables, he or she will be ready for more variety. Your furry friend will be happy and healthy, and your home will be cleaner!

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