Can cats eat beans? Many people wonder if cats can eat beans. Like many pets, perhaps your cat could get overly curious about these tiny oval objects you’re frequently snacking on. Maybe your cat wants to taste them, or perhaps your cat would like to attempt them on! But can cats eat beans? Certainly, but can cats eat beans with success?

Unfortunately, when it comes to figuring out what they can and cannot eat, there’s only one sure way to answer the question: yes. Yes, cats can eat raw beans. However, can they eat cooked beans safely? Obviously, they cannot.

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The only way to be sure that your cats eat beans is by carefully observing their behavior when they encounter various beans or other foods. If a cat decides to take a nibble at a can, this is good news indeed. That’s because you can be sure that they have been able to take in some amount of the food. And if they do, you know they have gotten some of the protein they need.

Can Cats Eat Beans? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for cooked beans. Why? Well, because most canned beans, whether they come in cans or bottles or are dry or wet, contain lectins. Lectins are the protein fragments that can cause illness in humans, as well as animals. Fortunately, lectins can be broken down inside the body before they do any harm. But that’s not always the case when you cook or eat these types of foods.

Cats can’t eat coffee beans safely because most commercial beans on the market have had traces of at least one type of chemical added to them to help lengthen their shelf life. Even though this makes for a nice snack, it can also be harmful to the cat. Some of these chemicals are even known to be toxic to dogs. So you may want to consider taking your pet’s food to the vet before you make any changes to your diet.

Another thing to watch out for is that some canned goods that claim to be made from organically grown kidney beans are made from kidney beans that have had chemical additives applied to them. Those are the foods that can be safely given to cats. So the next time you buy canned beans, take a look at the label and read the ingredient list. Most of the time, the first or second ingredient listed will be “artificial flavor” or “bleached.”

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