Can cats eat black beans? The question if cats can eat black beans is one of the most frequently asked questions by cat owners who have recently been given the dreaded “the bean” question (as in – can I have it for my cat?) And there’s a good reason why this question is being asked – black beans provide some excellent nutrients that our feline friends need. Here’s why they should be on your cat’s diet.

As you may already know, both dogs and cats can enjoy dried fruits. But they really don’t share the same nutritional benefits. Yes, cats can enjoy green beans, but they also get little else out of it. Green beans are a low-quality protein source, and they certainly aren’t a good source of dietary fiber. But refried beans… well, here’s the thing: if your vet tells you that your cat can handle it and that it’s not likely to cause any harm, then go for it.

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Yes, cats can indeed eat black beans with caveats. But they can also enjoy other quality dried fruits like peaches, prunes, and grapes. While dried beans are indeed a safe choice for felines, they shouldn’t be counted on to be the only source of nutrients for your pet. At the same time, beans are certainly not a protein powerhouse for cats. It’s certainly not the type of protein that your cat needs to stay healthy.

Can Cats Eat Black Beans? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

Why? Because when it comes to protein, black beans are simply not as rich in it as, say, red meat. So just what makes them different from their meat-based competitors? The answer lies in the highly digestible husks that are included in beans. In a nutritionally balanced diet, beans provide your cat with much of the amino acid makeup it needs to maintain proper balance in its body. And just like beef, beans are rich in globular calcium.

Coffee beans are the primary source of this mineral, and it’s why many owners recommend that cats eat coffee beans as the first choice over dry oatmeal or sugared cereal. And the good news is that not only do cats like beans – humans, too, have this mineral in their systems! Drinking coffee or tea with added cacao is a great way to ensure that your body receives all the antioxidants it needs. The cacao content varies depending on where the beans were grown, but the average cup of coffee has about 150 mg of this mineral in it.

However, coffee beans are not the only source of this mineral. The Brazilian kidney beans are another highly beneficial type of bean to give your pet a boost in health and energy. They are also rich in calcium, another mineral that helps support healthy bones. Finally, the African-born acai berry from the Amazon rainforest is another good choice if you want to get your cat’s health on the rise. Like coffee beans, acai berries contain significant amounts of this mineral in their body.

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