Can cats eat chickpeas? Many people ask if cats can eat chickpeas. The truth is, while cats can certainly take advantage of the rich, hearty flavors of chickpeas, they can hardly handle any real challenge in this area. In fact, many veterinarians have been advising pet owners not to give their pets any chickpeas at all since they are simply not very nutritious. However, there are ways that cats can partake of chickpeas without causing digestive problems or putting their own health at risk.

Yes, cats can indeed eat chickpeas with a caveat, which will cover below. But chickpeas are not a complete protein source for cats like they are for us. While chickpeas are full of complex carbs, it is not the type of protein that your cat requires to help repair muscle tissue, maintain the immune system, or provide energy for high-impact activities.

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For most feline carnivores, chickpeas offer more than enough protein. In fact, most commercial brands of cat foods include at least some form of chickpeas and canned chickpeas and dried fruit. You may notice that the dry forms of chickpeas that come in bags, packets, or jars lack the nutrients that make up the center of the sweet, succulent treat we call a chicken soup. For this reason, when it comes to canning chickpeas, try using a canning thermometer to dry them out at the right moisture level, and never overheat them, just as you do with the other types of foods.

Can Cats Eat Chickpeas? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

Another question often asked is, can cats safely eat popcorn? There are some good, healthy alternatives to the popular roasted and salted treats we find at the grocery store. For example, instead of buying bags of corn chips, look for chickpeas. Chickpeas contain just the same amount of calories as regular popcorn but will be healthier because they contain little to none of the harmful additives common in most snack foods.

Another question frequently asked is, can cats eat bananas? Like chickpeas, bananas are nutritious for cats, but like other fruits, they contain too much sugar for a petite-sized cat to safely digest. Like all fruit, bananas can be eaten raw or added to a cat’s dish with food for extra flavor. You might also consider trying flavored cashews, an alternative to chocolate rich in nutrients without the fat and cholesterol. While they are not quite as sweet as the others on this list, they can still provide your cat with plenty of tasty treats.

Can cats eat sweet potatoes? Surprisingly, yes, cats can indeed eat sweet potatoes. You may even mix them with some chickpeas. However, you must be very careful with these treats. While most cats will easily consume sweet potatoes, some may have a problem to digest properly.

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