Can cats eat cilantro? The common question if cats can eat cilantro is for cat owners who are having a difficult time with their cats not eating their cilantro. It’s a very hardy plant, originally from India, and it has a lot of nutritional value. But, it is also very bitter for cats, and therefore they don’t want to eat it. Cilantro has the same bitter taste as onions – only it has a stronger flavor. In fact, if you leave cilantro outside (with the stem on it), it will last for weeks without spoiling.

When reading this, the first thought that comes to mind is, “Of course they can eat cilantro – any dog can!” However, cilantro is actually a vegetable, which is why your cat doesn’t necessarily need to eat it to get all of the vitamins and nutrients. The best way to provide your cat with all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins would be to make fresh vegetables part of your daily diet. Here are a few reasons why fresh vegetables are better for your pet’s health:

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Cat Food Safety – Most veterinarians agree that it’s best to buy premium cat food because it is more nutritious and offers better protection for your cat’s health. The same is true for cilantro. Many pet stores sell cilantro low in fat, but there’s no better source of vitamin C for your pet’s body than freshly chopped cilantro. Not only is cilantro great for your cat’s health, but it is also suitable for you! Studies have shown that cilantro is good for the health of humans as well as many other animals.

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A Healthier Dog and Cat Food – If you’re wondering, “Can cats eat cilantro? “, the short answer is, “It’s not a good idea”. Most dogs, both young and old, can be allergic to cilantro. Unfortunately, most dog food brands don’t offer a list of ingredients. They will use a “blend” of corn, soy, wheat, and meat meal as their primary calorie source. These foods are not natural or healthy for dogs, and using them can cause your dog to develop serious health problems.

If your cat has a food allergy, the best solution is to switch him to a new high quality, whole food product with cilantro as an added ingredient. Be sure to read the labels carefully. Many premium products have cilantro in them, as they are aware that your pet has a health concern. Many dog foods do not contain any type of onions at all. Just as with human foods, the amount you feed your cat’s pet has a direct impact on his health.

A Healthy, Tasty Dish – If you’re wondering, “Can cats eat cilantro? “, the short answer is, it’s not going to hurt them. You may have heard about some awful implications of cilantro, but there is no reason to panic. There have been no studies linking cat food with cilantro. Keep cilantro as a treat, and don’t feed it to your cat with your dog food.

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