Can cats eat corn husks? The short answer is yes, cats can eat corn husks, but they shouldn’t. While some older cats may be able to consume them without issues, consuming corn husks will cause a host of digestive problems for most cats. Corn is a starchy vegetable with a poor digestibility rate, and it’s difficult for a cat to break down its food so easily. This means that the corn itself will pass right through without the cat even knowing it.

Not only does corn have a poor digestion rate, but it is also poisonous to dogs and cats alike. Dogs are particularly allergic to corn products, as corn is commonly used in rat poisons. Ingesting corn husks is especially dangerous because it contains a toxin that dogs cannot get rid of independently. If a dog or cat accidentally ate a lot of corn and began to have poisoning symptoms, it would be advisable to take them to the veterinarian for immediate treatment.

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The corn husks digest very slowly, making them very difficult to digest altogether. To make matters worse, they contain lots of toxins. These toxins are absorbed into the animal’s system and can cause illness over time. Toxins such as cyanide, mercury, lead, and bacteria can make their way into the bloodstream over time and affect many different organs. While there are over four poisonous elements found in corn husks, they are extremely toxic to animals.

Can Cats Eat Corn Husks? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

You might hear your vet tells you that the corn is safe for cats to consume if you only boiled it or mash it up. Well, while boiling, it isn’t completely safe because the water could become contaminated with the pus from the corn husks and ingested by your pet. If your cat eats this type of corn, it could experience vomiting, diarrhea, and feline nausea. While they may vomit, feline nausea can last up to a few days as the intestines work to clear the toxin build-up.

If you think that your cats can’t eat corn husks because they’ll experience stomach pain after eating, you should have them checked out first. Many times a vet will place your cat under a general anesthetic to induce vomiting. They do this because they don’t want your cat to suffer while going through surgery or experiencing pain during recovery. Once your cats are feeling better, the vet will be able to let you know if your cats can eat corn chips. Although your cat can, it’s recommended that they only consume small amounts at a time.

Can cats eat corn husks? Although corn is completely safe for your pets, you should still read up on how poisonous it really is. Corn is a corn-based product, which means it contains corn gluten which is very harmful to animals under certain conditions. One of these circumstances is if your cat decides to take a shot at it and accidentally injects itself. If your cat gets hold of a corn husk and eats it, there is a good chance that it could ingest the corn gluten, which means it could cause serious illness or even death. Always keep your cats and dogs on a safe diet and ask your veterinarian any questions you may have about what to give your pets.

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