Can cats eat dandelions? Many people ask if cats can eat dandelions. A lot, actually. If you have a cat or are thinking of getting a cat, you may be wondering if this tasty little plant is harmful to them. It can be, but only in the sense that they can’t partake of its leaves raw. Dandelions contain oxalates found in most vegetables and are not harmful to cats (though they can be toxic to humans).

Oxalates are found in higher concentrations in some types of weeds and plants than in others, which is why there is such a difference in toxicity between dandelion and other plants with different levels of oxalate content. Plants with higher oxalate content tend to be more toxic to cats. Commonly used toxins to rid cats of dandelions are liquid Castor oil, mothballs, and oxalic acid, among other items. But these can be dangerous to humans as well and should never be used on a cat.

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The primary concern with a cat eating dandelion is whether it will aggravate its intestinal or urinary tract condition. To test this, administer a teaspoonful of the herb to a cat, leave it on for one minute, then check to see if the cat exhibits any of the following symptoms: vomiting, blood in the stool, convulsions, or unconsciousness. Since each of these symptoms can be a sign of something more severe, you should consider seeing your veterinarian immediately. Your feline might have a painful condition such as an abscess or digestive tract blockage. Or, he could have an allergy that has caused him to react to the dandelion.

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Another question about the question of can cats eat dandelions? If your kitty is not allergic to the plant, he could be eating it because he likes the smell or doesn’t recognize the foliage’s medicinal value. Many cats eat dandelion leaves because they have a strong, earthy aroma and taste. Of course, there’s satisfaction from the infusion of Vitamin C – which works well as a natural antibiotic.

Can cats eat dandelions? There are several potential reasons why your feline might be consuming dandelion leaves. For example, your pet could be experiencing health problems such as an immune system deficiency, liver disease, kidney disease, cancer, urinary tract infection, or asthma. You may also notice your kitty licking its paws as if he has something foreign stuck in them. Finally, your feline might again be spraying his hair and fur.

Dandelion leaves can be toxic to humans, but not necessarily so to a feline. The main ingredient, oxalic acid, can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach upset in some animals, but these side effects subside after a few days. As a matter of fact, if your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, you should remove the dandelion leaves and put them in a sealed container. Before buying any dandelion products, check the ingredients to ensure that it is safe for your feline.

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