Can cats eat hard-boiled eggs? A question I get asked a lot is if cats can eat hard-boiled eggs? The first time I asked this question to a veterinarian, she informed me that cats are not the best foods. They tend to have an acid taste. Many owners of cats are surprised to discover that their cats will eat this type of dish. For years I thought cats were carnivores and had never given much thought to the question until I was confronted with my cat’s recent habit of wanting to take care of “her own breakfast.”

If you look at a cat’s diet, she will eat a great deal of raw meat, insects, small rodents, and of course, cooked food. This is one of the surprises about a cat’s eating habits that I had not considered. If you place boiled eggs in a bowl and give your cat a meal, you will find that she will have developed a taste for them within a short period. You might wonder what she has tasted before, but you need only go to her litter box to find out. Most cats will go off on an adventure into the den, searching for the perfect eggs to top their next meal.

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Some kittens may begin to eat cooked eggs because it provides a source of protein. It also contains fats, which provide them with extra energy. There is no problem with giving your kitten fried chicken or ham; what you should be concerned with is hidden within the egg. Are there hormones, preservatives, or other substances that you would prefer to keep from your pet? This is another question that you should research carefully when choosing foods for your feline friend.

Can Cats Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs? Is Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

When I presented this subject to a group of veterinarians, all of them had different opinions regarding can cats eat hard-boiled eggs? The only one suggested that it might be a good idea for your cat to occasionally eat this type of food. However, you should be very careful if your cat is allergic to eggs. Many cats will die each year from ingesting raw eggs because of their high-fat content.

If you are not sure that your cat will be allergic to eggs, you may want to try cooked eggs for the trial period. Make sure you thoroughly wash both your hands and your cat’s dishes before you introduce him to his new food. Your vet may tell you that he should wait for thirty minutes before feeding him his new treat. One of the vets I spoke with suggested that you could boil the eggs and feed your cat that way. He did not say that it was safe, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

I think that cats love hard-boiled eggs, and most will eat them when given the opportunity. The question is whether you should feed them regularly or once every couple of weeks. At the end of the day, as long as you provide your cat his regular food, there is no reason not to give him some hardy eggs.

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