Can cats eat lemongrass? Many people ask if cats can eat lemongrass. Lemongrass has a reputation as being extremely poisonous for cats. The truth is, cats can definitely eat lemongrass, but they should not do so too frequently. The reason is that lemongrass is quite bitter and, when mixed with water, becomes a very powerful laxative. Many cats will tolerate a bit of lemongrass in their diet, but others will become very ill and need medical attention. Here is more information on the subject of lemongrass and cats.

How can you prevent a cat from eating lemongrass? While it’s unlikely to really harm your cat, cats do have sensitive digestive systems and can be more prone to intestinal upset when given lemongrass to drink. If you’d like to let your cat eats some lemongrass, offer them small, dried pieces of alfalfa, catnip, or grass. This is a safe way to help keep your pet’s digestive system healthy while giving them a natural source of Vitamin C.

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Can Cats Eat Raw Lemongrass? Although it’s probably not a good idea, cats can eat small amounts of lemongrass because it tastes so great. Because it’s fairly natural, cats aren’t likely to be affected by the plant either. However, lemongrass, you should only give lemongrass to very young kittens or very small cats – anything larger would be toxic.

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Are there any other health benefits of lemongrass? Yes, so consider giving your cat some lemongrass oil to massage against their skin. It’s also very good for internal consumption. Cats also enjoy eating the tiny black seeds, which contain a lot of vitamin A. If your cat likes this kind of thing, it might be an easy way to help them out with their overall health and quality of life.

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