Can cats eat lunch meat? It’s a question that has been bothering cat owners for years: can cats eat lunch meat from a table? Believe it or not, the answer is an unequivocal “no”. Not only does the protein in meat provide more calories (the exact amount you find in veggies), but it also poses several health risks to your cat. Let’s take a look at the common threats when feeding your cat meat.

Cats are carnivores: they hunt, kill and eat other animals. When they eat animal protein like lunch meat, the toxins produced by carnivores may be hazardous to your cat. Toxins like ammonia, carbon dioxide, and others can build up in the bloodstream over time and pose severe risks to your cat if the source is not cleaned out on a regular basis. While some cats are naturally cleaner than others, your kitty may not be. If you notice a buildup of ammonia or other toxin builds up, contact your vet. They may be able to clean it out for you or even prescribe a special product to alleviate your cat’s symptoms.

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Dogs are carnivores as well. Their digestive tracts are designed to digest meat. As a result, dogs can be responsible for vast amounts of nitrogen that gets stored in their feces over time. Over time, this can lead to very serious and potentially fatal health issues in your dog. If your dog continues to overeat meat, he may develop kidney problems, arthritis, and indigestion, among other issues.

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Is it true if cats can eat lunch meat? Other dietary concerns include vitamin deficiencies: although commercially processed cat foods boast vitamins A, C, E, and B-complex, it’s still possible for your cat to be low in one or more of these essential nutrients. If this is the case, it’s best to feed your cat a vegetarian diet: choose cat foods such as Fancy Feast brand food or canned/frozen cat food. Remember that different insects have different vitamin requirements, so make sure to read the food labels.

Although eating small bits of meat each day is healthy for cats, don’t expect them to consume much of it. You may be able to convince them to try small treats once in a while, but it’s probably not healthy. This is especially true if they’re used to eating cat foods with large amounts of preservatives. If they continue eating like this, their intestinal tract will become even more polluted.

Can cats eat lunch meat? It’s not unusual for cats to suffer from serious health problems. If you’re worried about what might be wrong with your cat, consult your vet. He or she can examine your cat and look at its behavior. Even if there’s absolutely no problem, your vet may recommend that you change your cat’s eating habits. However, the important thing to remember is that cats can eat a wide variety of healthy foods when adequately fed, so don’t worry if your cat seems unusually heavy at times.

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