Can cats eat mandarin oranges? The question if cats can eat mandarin oranges has been bothering many cat owners who want to feed their pets with the new “citrus” cat food available today. As it turns out, cats do eat citrus fruits. But are they orange, citric, or natural? And are they safe to feed to your cat? The following paragraphs summarize information regarding this topic.

Mandarin oranges are classified as citrus fruit and are commonly found in markets worldwide. It has a distinct sweet-tart taste which gives it the nickname of “Citrus Killer.” Many pet owners have started feeding their cats with citrus fruits because of its popularity. Unfortunately, the canned cat food you see in the stores is not what you are supposed to be feeding your cat.

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There are two kinds of citrus used to make cat foods; citrus juicers and non-citrus juicers. The first type contains the natural sugars found in oranges. However, these types of foods are not as good for your cat as those with natural citrus juices. The second kind contains a compound called citric acid, similar to the acid found in grapefruits, lemons, and tangerines. Unfortunately, this type of acid can cause some serious health problems, such as renal failure.

Can Cats Eat Mandarin Oranges? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

Many believe that orange skins are healthy for humans. The reality, however, is completely different. Just like grapes, oranges contain a substance called resveratrol. It plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy heart. It has been proven that orange skins contain almost one hundred percent of this substance. Therefore, feed your cat only with orange peel, but do not neglect the other type of orange that is not good for cats.

If you decide to feed your cat food with orange peel, be sure to rinse it thoroughly after handling it. The natural chemicals from the peel can cause skin irritation. To avoid this, you may place a few drops of some organic anti-freeze on the dish after each visit to the bowl. If possible, remove the peel before feeding the cat food.

When it comes to the question “can cats eat orange,” it is obvious that the answer is yes. But, you should take care in preparing this type of cat food. You should avoid the orange peel due to its powerful toxic properties. Many pet owners may say that cats are carnivores and need meat to survive. Well, cats have flesh as well as their teeth. They may occasionally venture into the garbage bin to eat leftovers. Nevertheless, you must make certain that they do not venture into human foods. Be sure to keep all your cat’s regular and canned food out of their reach.

Can cats eat mandarin oranges? If you still think that your cat cannot have citrus fruits, you might want to consider other alternatives. Fortunately, there are many good alternatives to provide your cat with the vitamins and nutrients that they need. Besides, if you give your cat a balanced diet, they will remain fit and strong. Just remember that you should only feed your cat with appropriate foods. Orange peel is not one of them.

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