Can cats eat papaya? Is the fresh papaya tasty enough for our pets to eat? The cat’s digestive tract is quite efficient compared to ours, so it may not be necessary to give a dog or cat its daily fresh food supply. It is a question of feeding frequency versus the number of nutrients the nut actually contains. As long as the right balance of nutrients is provided, there should be no problems.

Did you ever wonder if cats can eat papaya? Many commercial brands of dry cat food are available, and they can be bought at pet stores, through your veterinarian, or online. My cat prefers to have the canned variety. When she gets sick, I give her some of the water-soaked cat food that I have prepared by following the can’s directions. It’s delicious and has lots of flavors, besides the fact that it contains all the nutrients she needs to be healthy. Water is also a good thing to keep her hydrated, so this makes it a good choice.

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If you’re going to give your cat a papaya treat, choose one that is mild, with just a touch of sugar to increase the sweetness. Some cat owners like to add some raisins to the mix, but I don’t feel that these provide her with enough sweetness. Adding raisins doesn’t seem to be very beneficial, either. Cats don’t seem to like the taste, although some do like the slightly bitter taste.

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A bowl of fruit juice is an excellent choice to top off her meal, along with some cooked rice or dry bean tortillas. If you have some fresh tomatoes in the house, this will be a great addition to her dish. Mix the papaya into the tomatoes for a tasty, sweet treat for her to enjoy. This is easily combined with any kind of meat, although you may want to avoid adding meat to her fruits and veggies.

I do occasionally give my cat papaya because she loves it. Sometimes she gets a bit of it on herself, which I find pretty disturbing. It does leave a lasting aftertaste, though, so I’m used to it, and my cat likes it. I usually mix about half a cup of the juice with her dry food.

As a side note, it’s important to mention that if your cat isn’t used to citrus foods and drinks and gets sick often from overeating sugar or other sweet foods, she may not be ready papaya. Take it slowly and gradually increase the amount of papaya that you give her. It’s delicious and nutritious, but it can be a bit overpowering for a cat that hasn’t developed the same preferences as our humans do. If you give papaya to your cat, keep an eye on her for signs that she’s not happy – she could get sick.

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