Can cats eat salmon skin? If your cat is a true carnivore, then it may well be an interesting answer to the question if cats can eat salmon skin. This is an exciting inquiry considering that domestic cats have been domesticated for such a long time and that most of us do not even know if cats were domesticated for the sole purpose of eating other animals. Some would certainly think so, given the evidence of feral cats prowling around the streets of cities in the United States today. Virtually all of the world’s cats are basically feral or genetically related to feral domestic cats.

Even if domestic cats were not specifically bred to eat salmon, it stands to reason that these wild cats would have some eating habits similar to those of the domestic cat. Wild cats can and do eat various types of mammals and birds, insects, plants, and other things that live in or around water. In other words, wild cats may very well have some taste for salmon skin.

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In fact, recent studies in Europe show that captive wild cats may very well be able to consume salmon more easily than can their domesticated cousins. Not surprisingly, this is a finding that holds true for many other wild cat species as well. Indeed, while some may consider the fact that these wild cats can eat salmon to be somewhat strange, it is a fact of nature.

Can Cats Eat Salmon Skin? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

Now then, it seems that our question can cats eat salmon skin? At least one answer has been provided. Can cats eat berries? Yes, they can. Berries are another natural diet for many wild cats. Many of the berries that we commonly call berries to contain some amount of Vitamin D. The question, of course, is whether the level of Vitamin D found in the berries would be enough to make the diet acceptable. Some experts believe that a well-balanced diet is needed to maintain health and an ideal weight for an animal. Others argue that any vitamin supplementation may pose a threat to cat health.

So, can cats eat salmon skin? The answer is perhaps yes. The question as to whether wild cats really can eat salmon is one best left to the reader. As it turns out, there is a good deal of evidence that wild cats can indeed eat small amounts of the oily fish that is a part of their diets.

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