Can cats eat seaweed? Did you ever wonder if you can feed your cat with seaweed? Seaweed is an exciting food for cats. It does not belong to any group of animals that are commonly provided to cats. It is neither feline nor domesticated. Herbivores and omnivores consume seaweed. Even though it belongs to an unusual category of food, cats like it very much.

When cats eat seaweed, they take nutrition from several different areas of the herb. The seaweed contains high nutrition and protein, minerals and vitamins. It provides a complete nutritional need and contains very little fat, unlike meat. Because seaweed is low in fat, it can be freely mixed with meat, although commercially processed seaweed tends to lack fat and maybe bland. Your cat will get all the nutrition she needs from her regular food, plus some added from the seaweed.

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Does your cat want to lose weight? Many herbivores make a significant effort to increase their meat intake by including other food types in their diets. Seaweed is an example of such an animal. Many cat owners, however, believe that a cat might gain weight if she is fed meat. Even if she does gain weight, eating seaweed once in a while will help her avoid gaining too much weight. If she is fed only dry cat food, adding a seaweed supplement once or twice a week could help her look and feel better.

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Seaweed is also good for your cat’s heart health. A study was conducted on nine cats, all of which were in the advanced stages of diabetes. Each of the nine cats was fed a diet consisting of corn flakes, as well as seaweed. The study found that all nine cats improved in their blood-sugar levels, even though one of the cats became diabetic and stopped eating corn flakes and began to suffer from hypoglycemia!

Seaweed may also improve a cat’s immune system. In a separate study, female cats were fed seaweed, along with mice. The mice, it was found, had lower incidences of virus attacks against their body, as well as lower bacteria counts.

Seaweed may even have benefits for humans. Some people believe that it has some effect on human fertility. One veterinarian has said that his patients who eat a diet high in seaweed are more fertile than those who do not. There are some things about which scientists still do not know, but one thing they do know is that cats enjoy a great deal of fresh, uncooked meat, and they like to eat it raw, so giving your cat a seaweed supplement may be just the thing to put your cat into the mood. If you feed your cat a steady diet of dried foods, then she may turn out better, too.

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