Can cats eat yogurt?  Many cat owners ask if cats can eat yogurt. You might have heard lately that all cats are lactose intolerant; therefore, yogurt is recommended for cats with lactose-intolerant digestive problems by some folks. However, if this is true, why is yogurt suitable for cats with lactose-intolerant digestive issues anyway? If you’re confused, don’t worry.

So, can cats really eat yogurt? If you read the label on any unsweetened yogurt brand, you will find that they are generally made from cow’s milk or soy. It is essential to know that the consistency and texture are not the same as that of yogurt. Unsweetened yogurt can be used as a supplement to help support healthy digestion or used directly on the affected area(s) if you prefer. It can also be used in recipes that are designed for the cat as a source of calcium. If you are looking for a natural source of calcium, you should know that the cat does not require milk products in his diet.

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Can Cats Eat Yogurt? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

Even though yogurt has been promoted as a health food, don’t over-feed your cat a great deal of it. Yogurt has a low nutritional content and should only be offered in tiny amounts to help with occasional treat requirements instead of a full meal. You can give your cat a small amount of plain yogurt each day without any ill effects. Some cat owners even use a small amount of flavored yogurt on a piece of bread to help stimulate bowel contractions. Please don’t overdo it. if you do, your cat may develop a condition known as “gas lag.” In this case, his litter box will become a frequent source of irritation.

Please do not give your cat milk unless it is a very young cat. Milk can create a situation where both milk and yogurt have an undigested form of bacteria. This bacteria can cause diarrhea and can make your vet very unhappy. When choosing a dairy product like cheese, yogurt, etc., for your cat, choose one produced by a reputable company that uses milk from cows that have been injected with growth hormones. Milk proteins (casein and whey) stimulate the immune system, while casein and whey stimulate digestive enzymes’ production. These enzymes better manage digestion than by the lactose in milk.


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