Yes, dogs can eat apples! The sweet-tart flavored fruit has long been considered a treat for dogs, but it’s not just a canine version of the sugary bun that we all love to eat. In fact, this low-calorie snack fruit actually contains a number of health advantages for your dog eating an apple will even help cleanse your dog’s teeth and improve their breath. Keep portion sizes small, but because too many apples can cause some digestive upset.

Vitamin A is a good source of this nutrient. However, the good news is that you can give your dog an apple without increasing his or her vitamin A intake. Apples are in season throughout the United States at this time, so it’s easy to find fresh apples in your area. You can also buy them canned or dried. Just be sure that you choose apples that were grown without the harmful spray residue left by the previous harvest.

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Another surprising but healthy addition to apples is strawberry. Some dogs actually prefer to eat strawberries over apples because they contain a higher level of potassium. Also known as a “potato diet” in Europe, strawberries are a good source of vitamin C. But if you’re not comfortable giving your dog strawberries, there are many other fruits that are a good source of vitamin C. Among those fruits are oranges, red grapes, and peaches. And because of their high level of potassium, they’re also a good choice if you’re trying to prevent urinary problems.

Dogs enjoy sweet things, and so are children. Keeping in mind that moderation is the key when it comes to snacks for your pet is important. If you feed your dog’s a big chunk of food at one time, with dry food or canned food, your dog will likely have a hard time staying within the acceptable snack limits. Instead, opt for pieces of fruit like apples, a handful of raw dog loaf, or even bits of cooked chicken or beef. Choose quality foods that will give your dog the vitamins he needs but won’t make him too hungry.

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While chocolate is a traditional favorite for humans, it’s actually poisonous to dogs. Because chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical that can cause dizziness and seizures, chocolate should never be given to dogs. The good news is that theobromine isn’t found in all forms of chocolate, so look for the less-toxic varieties. It’s possible that your local pet store doesn’t have any chocolate that contains theobromine, so be sure to ask before purchasing a treat. However, you should never feed a dog a large amount of chocolate unless it’s being offered in a tasty dish.

Finally, one treat that’s safe for dogs is an apple core, which has a milder flavor than its fruit counterparts. Apples are also crunchier than other fruits, so the core is a better fit for a canine version of a regular apple treat. You can give your pooch an apple core with apples and cinnamon, or create your own by mixing apples and cinnamon powder. Cinnamon will also keep your dog’s stomach happy because it serves as a natural source of calming effects.

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