Can dogs eat beef jerky? Many dog owners would love to know the answer to this common question if dogs can eat beef jerky. Beef jerky is a kind of dehydrated meat that has been soaked in water. It is made from the meat of a cow and other parts like the bones, the skin, the tendons and others. It is made jerky by forcing the meat through a sausage-type casing. The process of dehydration and making the meat jerky is done to prevent the bacteria and other foreign bodies of animals from contaminating the meat that is being prepared for human consumption.

Some people do believe that they can be fed beef jerky to their dogs. Although it can be fed to them, it should not be given the same as table scraps since they have different nutritional and dietary needs compared to our own. For one thing, you must make sure that the jerky you are giving them contains no MSG since this is an artificial preservative commonly used in the processing of jerky. This substance can cause an allergic reaction or at worst cause an illness. We prefer to give them the meat from a farm where the animals did not receive any artificial additives.

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Another important consideration is the texture of the jerky. This is important because we want our pets to have a pleasant taste in their food. If you are giving them moist meat, like that of venison, then they might not be able to smell the meat better. They might eat the meat and then not like the taste of it. This would result in them refusing to eat any more of the jerky.

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

This is why you should only give your dogs meat that is still raw. You can just use a meat thermometer to monitor how much meat your dog eats. If they are eating only an inch or two, then you can just leave the rest for them. But if your dogs seem to eat a bigger piece each time, then you should cut it up into small pieces. Even if they do not refuse to eat the jerky, it is okay to let them know that some parts of the jerky are not good for them.

Besides, you should always buy high-quality jerky. Cheap ones may contain chemicals that may affect the health of your dogs. Some companies use preservatives on their jerky to prolong its shelf life, but you will still have to do your research on which ones would be the best to buy.

Can dogs eat beef jerky? As mentioned earlier, we are not trying to suggest that you change your dogs’ eating habits. We just want to let you know of some things you should consider when they are eating. You should always remember that giving them good treats will make them happy and healthy. And as always, make sure you only give them trusted treats. Jerky from your trusted suppliers would not only taste good but would also be safe for your pets.

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