Can dogs eat bok choy? Are you wondering if dogs can eat Bok Choy? That’s a good question. Bok Choy is a traditional Chinese product made from the roots of the young bok choy plant. It’s used as a cooking agent in Chinese cuisine, but it’s also used in other ways, including a natural supplement.

Vegetables, though, offer many health benefits and nutritional value as a supplement to their diet, she noted. Green leafy vegetables, like bok choy, are the healthiest to give to a dog because they resemble the roughage he would consume in the wild, said veterinarian Ginger Lewis, PhD. However, some vegetables are especially toxic to animals, so always check with your vet before giving any to a canine friend. One of the main causes of poisoning in dogs is spinach, she said.

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Another question we frequently hear when we talk about dog nutrition is, can dogs eat bok choy? Dr. Lewis responds, “While yes, bok choy is a great source of Vitamin A, but dogs also need the other vitamin and minerals essential to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet.” She cited studies showing that dogs fed green leafy vegetables have a 10% lower incidence of canine cancer, she said. In addition, dogs fed a diet rich in beta carotene had fewer eye infections, a decreased risk of urinary tract infections and respiratory tract infections, according to one study. In another study, dogs fed a diet rich in lycopene had lower occurrences of cancer of prostate and breast cancer.

Can Dogs Eat Bok Choy? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

We often hear the next question when talking about canine nutrition: Can dogs eat bok choy safely and without problems? Dr. Lewis responded, “It depends on the formulation. Some manufacturers are using higher levels of Vitamin A and D, which can be poisonous. Some formulas are simply not balanced. You may want to check the label.”

In a nutshell, bok choy is a good, healthy, easily digestible source of dietary protein, particularly for older dogs and those with a decreased ability to absorb calcium. While it’s true that dogs can’t get all the essential nutrients they need from the bok choy alone, they can certainly benefit from it when it is combined with a well-balanced diet and lots of nutritious, whole-grain meals. For an antioxidant-rich, naturally-occurring source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K, plus plenty of other healthy minerals, Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant. It helps protect against heart disease, stroke, cataracts, age-related eye diseases, certain cancers, etc.

Although Bok Choy has lots of nutritious properties, there is some controversy about how much is enough. One thing’s for sure–it’s great for you! Dogs that consume bok choy in moderation have fewer health problems and tend to live longer, healthier lives. Remember, however–these are still foods for puppies and children!

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