Can dogs eat calamari? Let’s talk about if dogs can eat calamari. “Calamari is my favorite dish in Italy”. This is how a friend of mine began her question when asked about Italian dishes. I always thought that Italian cuisine was elegant, with a fine dining tradition and simple but tasty food. My friend, though, had never really tried a real Italian meal till she came to stay with me in Italy. So my quest for the truth started like any other: using search engines (which gave me thousands of results) and asking friends who stayed in Italy for a few weeks. And I did come across some restaurants that serve calamari.

According to one source, this calamari dish is basically a fish soup with peppers, onions, and tomato added. Another says that the dish is prepared by boiling an egg in a liter of salty water over a charcoal fire for at least four hours. The cooking time may vary from one place to another. In any case, this well-known dish is served at Italian restaurants as part of the starter menu. According to one school of thought, this dish’s origin can be traced back to Naples during the Roman period.

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Although this calamari dish’s exact history is sketchy, it is said that it was created during wars between the Romans and the Moors when neither had any food to eat. One such war, in fact, claimed the lives of 5 million pigs. Humans fed the pigs, but they refused to eat vegetables, so a stew had to be made of these dead animals. With time, the popularity of this stew spread, and soon, it was served not only at home but in cafes and in general everywhere where people gathered – from Rome to Naples. It became a favorite for rich people and poor people alike because it was tasty and relatively cheap compared to expensive Italian dishes of the time.

Can Dogs Eat Calamari? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

I have also heard that this calamari dish is served with slices of cucumber on top. Some people say that this is the origin of the saying, “Rivera Vadis ambitus,” which literally means “eat dogs”. Well, you can interpret that in two ways – one, the poor can’t afford expensive lavish food, and two, the rich will eat whatever they want. Either way, it’s pretty funny, and if you are ever in Rome, you should try it. I have also read that the dish is served with pigeon meat, making sense if you believe that pigeons are famous for their intelligence.

Anyway, the question of can dogs eat calamari now never needs to be answered because you just can’t turn around and deny the existence of dogs and carnivores in this world. I don’t know if they used to hunt hares or caracocks, but there is no denying that they are predators, and they do get a real kick out of eating meat. And you know what? This meat is very tasty too!

This dish is one of those extraordinary Italian calamari dishes that combine several different regions, all in one dish. You may be surprised to find yourself eating this dish in a restaurant sometime because of its good. Not many Italian dishes can boast this much taste, and if you’re looking for a great meal, you should give this one a try.

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