Can dogs eat crab? What’s all the fuss about? Why do some people think feeding your dog a raw dog crab is a bad idea? Is it really that healthy of a diet for dogs? Here are some reasons why giving your dog crab meat or fish is not a good idea.

First, this type of meat like crab is highly fatty. This means that it can increase the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol levels, and certain types of cancer. This is because of the extra calories from the crab shells. Add to the fats already present in the dogs’ bodies, increasing the amount of fat already present and increasing the likelihood of the dogs consuming too much fat to cause health problems.

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Second, even if crab meat is rich in calcium, it doesn’t contain any vitamin C. That’s the reason why you usually hear about pregnant dogs getting arthritis because they’re overeating the “good” crab’s meat. Vitamin C has been linked with reducing the risks of osteoporosis in older dogs. But some vets actually recommend giving cooked crab meat to treat an acidic stomach, which means it shouldn’t be given to dogs with a particularly sour intestinal tract. And this isn’t a good diet for dogs with sensitive digestive systems, as the acidity of most crab salads can cause gas and bloat.

Can Dogs Eat Crab? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

Third, when it comes to calcium, you may want to check whether chemicals are added to the crab shells to protect them from acidity before deciding to give them to your dogs. There are actually several chemicals used to improve the color and texture of the shells. Some are even waste and should be tossed out, while others are beneficial. Chemicals like red 40 are used because of the naturally occurring color. The other kind of chemical commonly used is red 7.

If you don’t want to give your dog’s foods with chemicals or other allergens, there are other foods you can feed them instead. Any good book on pet nutrition will have a section on protein-rich foods for dogs. Meat and seafood like crab are the best sources of protein. In fact, if you cook meats and seafood once a week, you’ll meet your dog’s dietary requirements.

Can dogs eat crab good for their health? Yes, the answer is that you need to carefully monitor their feedings to make sure they get a significant amount of protein and other nutrients. Feeding your dog “meat” instead of “shrimp” will also yield substantial amounts of health benefits. So, what do you think?

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