Can dogs eat Oreos? This is a question that has puzzled many pet owners over the years. After all, Oreos’ ingredients are listed as “concentrates of iron, phosphorous, tin, and manganese.” Nowadays, many dog food manufacturers use fillers like wheat or rice in their dog’s foods, even though these foods are not healthy for dogs. So, can dogs eat Oreos? The answer is a resounding yes.

Oreo cookies are made with real chocolate, which contains at least 15% cocoa. They contain sodium bicarbonate, a substance that helps prevent spoilage and thus maintains the freshness of dog food. Also, the food contains a host of other antioxidants and protein, fiber, and potassium. As far as protein is concerned, dogs benefit a lot from the protein source. Dogs need a good amount of protein in their diet, as their bodies are incapable of manufacturing it independently. Oreos, therefore, provide them with this essential nutrient.

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Another factor why dogs can eat Oreos is that they are chewers. This means that they will want to gnaw on the cookies – which is how they get their crunchy texture. But if you don’t want your dog chewing on your cookies, then do not feed him them. You might have to find alternative treats for him to munch on.

Can Dogs Eat Oreos? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

However, do not think that Oreos are wholly unworthy foods for dogs. If a dog enjoys chewing on his food, then he should be given a choice. Many dog owners provide their dogs with different types of foods to satisfy their canine friends. Dogs like chicken nuggets, chicken salad, and tuna fish sandwiches, but they also like cheese, bagels, and corn.

Vegetables beat Oreos. It seems that there is one food item that dogs cannot seem to avoid – and that is vegetables. Vegetables are suitable for dogs because they contain vital nutrients and vitamins that cannot be found in human-made food. For instance, dog food manufacturers sometimes add vitamins such as Vitamin A or E, which may not necessarily be healthy for humans. Likewise, they may include carbohydrates such as wheat or corn, which may not suit dogs. Nevertheless, if you give your dog vegetables, do not be surprised if he grows up to be an energetic, healthy, and well-balanced pet.

In conclusion, the answer to the question “can dogs eat Oreos?” is a definite yes. However, you should provide your pet with other healthy and nutritious foods.

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