Can dogs eat oysters? One of the most common questions I get asked is if dogs can eat oysters? Well, like many dog owners, I, too, was concerned about this question when my older son came back from Australia and told us he’d been playing with some “oysters” in his new little “doggy bag.” My first thought was, “of course not.”

The trouble with oysters for dogs is that they can sometimes be quite challenging to find. Not only that, but they can also be quite dangerous for your dog. Many dogs have been known to become very ill over consumption of oysters. So what’s the truth about oysters, and can dogs eat them?

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To begin with, it’s essential to understand why dogs are not supposed to eat oysters. It’s because of the “tyrosine” that is found in the oyster. This substance can cause some different problems both for your dog and for him. For example, when the tyrosine levels in the oysters are high, your dog will be much more likely to suffer from kidney problems and depression. Additionally, high levels of this tyrosine can also cause your dogs to have a hard time concentrating. This can include such things as attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

Can Dogs Eat Oysters? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

However, you do want to take precautions and make sure that your dog doesn’t have a problem with “tyrosine.” Several different supplements will counter the effects that “tyrosine” has on your dog. Many people who feed their dogs fish or soy also use these supplements to help counter the effects of tyrosine. Even so, you should understand that the chances of your dog having an adverse reaction to oysters are minimal. Immensely few dogs have ever suffered any real problems from eating oysters. In fact, some dogs absolutely love them!

So the next question is, “can dogs eat oysters?”. The answer to that is an unqualified yes. You’ll need to make sure that you make your dog the best food that he can eat, though. Try making his food as natural as possible without any preservatives. And if you happen to live in the Southeast and get a chance to go shopping for oysters, you might want to pass up the ones at the supermarket and head for a local pet store where they are much easier to find and get high-quality dog food.

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