Can dogs eat peas? Many people ask if dogs can eat peas. What can dogs eat? Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), the answer is yes, your dog can eat peas! While some things are okay for us humans and others are not (like corn), peas are a healthy vegetable. Many cultures worldwide eat peas all the time, including the Chinese and Indians.

Many pet owners have heard about the bad cholesterol in canned peas, but the matter’s facts are a little different. First, while canned peas can be high in sodium, only about 15% of it is sodium chloride–salt. In other words, it’s a very common ingredient and is present in all foods that come from the earth. So, if you want to avoid adding salt to your dog’s diet, at least don’t buy canned peas with salt. (And if you already purchase canned peas with salt, stop. It’s just bad.)

Another thing that makes peas a good source of protein is the fiber content. The bulk of the peas is made up of three main components: hulls, which are made up of amino acids; the bran, which is just long-chain fiber; and the extract, the star ingredient. These components help get the dog’s digestive tract started on a clean slate and make sure that the food does not go into his stomach too fast. Therefore, as long as you pick a high fiber brand made from whole grains, such as oats, or grasses, you’ll be getting fiber without the undesirable calories.

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Can Dogs Eat Peas? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

And speaking of undesirable calories, don’t think that by feeding your dogs peas, you’re going to send him packing. While the fiber may take some getting used to, it’s suitable for all kinds of things, including energy. Since peas have about thirty times the amount of fiber found in a cup of red berries, they are a great way to get a little boost without packing on the pounds. Peas are one of nature’s best weight loss foods, especially for people who don’t care for fattening, sugary junk foods. As long as you cut back on fatty meats and sweets and load up on fruits and vegetables (and even whole grain cereals if you can find them), peas can make a very healthy and sensible diet.

Finally, peas are also a great source of one crucial nutrient – folate. Folate is necessary for the production of DNA and cell division, and without it, life will not last very long. This is especially true when a woman’s uterus has been affected by an invasive cancerous tumor. Since folate is only produced in the liver, women who have had their ovaries removed are particularly vulnerable to mineral deficiencies.

Whether or not your dog can eat peas is an individual issue. Everyone’s digestive system is different, which means that some dogs may not be able to digest the fiber well enough to process it. Still, plenty of good, wholesome foods can be included in a dog’s diet that isn’t peas. You should find one that fits the bill, whether you’re looking for carrots, apples, celery, beets, peas, pears, spinach, walnuts, lettuce, or other leafy greens. Start shopping carefully today for a new, healthy choice for your best friend.

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