Can dogs eat persimmons? If dogs can eat persimmons, the question is often asked by dog owners who are learning how to feed their dogs in the spring. It seems that a lot of veterinarians have started to recommend canned foods for dogs, and there have even been some suggestions by animal doctors that it might be a good idea to give dogs table scraps instead of pureed meats and veggies. However, some people wonder if it is okay for dogs actually to eat persimmons.

First of all, it’s essential to understand why dogs like fruits in the first place. Fruits have many nutritional benefits for dogs, and they can also provide some treats they will enjoy. If you have ever given a dog a piece of fruit like persimmons, then you know that your dog will likely be delighted with the treat!

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Can dogs eat persimmons? The answer is yes, absolutely. You can actually make a sweet treat for your dog that he will love. All you need for this treat is dried persimmons and some water. Fill a small dog bowl with the water, add in the persimmons, and gently let your dog drink as he takes in his treat.

Can Dogs Eat Persimmons? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

Some experts say that you should not give your dog dry persimmons, because it could cause diarrhea. This might be a problem if you live in areas where the weather tends to change. For example, in the winter, you do not want to feed your dog’s dry persimmons because they may not be able to digest it properly. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to feed your dogs moistened persimmons in the springtime, and some even prefer it to the dry variety.

Another good thing about giving your dog’s moist foods like persimmons is that you can use the occasion of doing this to teach your dogs about their body’s waste removal systems. At mealtime, you can have your dog sit on your lap while you pour out some water into a cup. After that, you can pick up the treat and throw it at him. If he tries to eat it, you can say “No,” in a firm voice, so that he knows he shouldn’t be bothering you by eating it. After a few times of doing this, your dog will eventually learn that when you say “No,” he needs to stop whatever he’s doing to avoid getting his paws wet.

So, can dogs eat persimmons? Of course, they can, but you’ll find out pretty quick just how strong their tastes can be. For some, they might like the flavor, while others won’t notice a thing. Take these things into consideration when you’re thinking about whether or not your dog should be allowed to have something in his mouth after all!

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