Can dogs eat sour cream? Are you asking the same question as me when I found out my dogs can eat sour cream? After checking a few sources, I found that some dogs do have an intolerance to the substance. Other dogs, however, are okay with it and actually enjoy it. If you have a dog that eats a lot of canned and dry dog food, then the odds are good that they will not like the taste. Fortunately for me, I have several dogs that love to eat a little bit of this yummy treat every day.

Think before feeding them sour cream. One thing I do try to do is alternate my dog’s food between canned and dry. This way, if one dog craves the dry one while another prefers the canned variety, I know which one will get the most satisfaction at any given time. This does make a difference in the consistency of the dog food as well as the taste. It’s easy to find different flavors of each to give each dog a full range of flavors.

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Another option for my dogs to have their treats is to mix them up with my homemade dog food without sour cream. I do allow them to have a say in how the food is made and how much they want. I also let them know what they would prefer if I were to make a dish for them. It makes it easy to cater to all of their tastes without making them throw a tantrum.

Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

As a side note, I should mention that I do not feed my dog’s regular commercial brand kibble. Instead, I supplement their diet with a commercial brand called Pure Calm. This dog food had come down at a price from when I started using it years ago. If you wonder, “can dogs eat sour cream” I can assure you it is perfectly fine as long as you don’t feed your dog too much of it.

My dogs love to snack on these treats. It depends on the day, so I try not to ration them out. On days that I feel like the kids might be eating more sour cream than me, I’ll bring out some of the treats they enjoy, and we’ll both share a little bit. My dogs still don’t like it, but they enjoy the snacks.

Can dogs eat sour cream? In closing, I would suggest you avoid commercial pet foods if you are going to feed your dog a diet high in fat and protein. Although the foods themselves may not be bad for dogs, the excessive fat and protein could pose a health risk in the long run. You may also want to consider giving your dog a home-cooked meal. These are usually healthier and are high in the nutrients your dog needs. The great thing about home-cooked food is that you can experiment with the various flavors to find the ones your dog likes the best.

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