Can dogs eat tums? Does your dog chew on the Tums or Chex cereal/tums and other products designed to help their teeth stay healthy and strong? Does your dog tear holes in the box and then beg you to fix it? Do you find yourself searching for a way to get that annoying, chewing dog off of your hands and feet?

While some dogs are genetically inclined to chewer on something like a piece of sugar-free Chex, most dogs are simply bored and looking for something to do. The problem is that they are left with only one option – to eat whatever is around them. Tums’ manufacturer claims that they can use their specially formulated chew toys for stimulation while dogs are waiting for their next meal. However, this has led many consumers to wonder if it is truly healthy or not.

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First, let’s examine the ingredients of both Chex and Tums. Chex and Tums’ manufacturing uses the same main ingredient – a particular type of sugar called urea. When dogs chew on this sugar, the remains of the food are sent to the dog’s saliva, which is then absorbed into their bloodstream. There have been no studies performed concerning the long-term effects of urea on humans. However, many health concerns involve the consumption of sugar-based products, such as soda and juice, which many people avoid to ensure their health.

Can Dogs Eat Tums? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

Tums, on the other hand, claims to use an all-natural, hypoallergenic variety of sugar. This makes their product less likely to send unwanted signals to dogs chewing on it. Tums’ packaging also does not mention any ingredients, and thus consumers are left guessing about what is inside. Chex tums are also manufactured by the Chexsystems program, a non-profit organization that requires manufacturers to sell their products under a specific code of ethics. Many of the major producers of dog chews are members of this program.

The main ingredient in both Chex and Tums is an ingredient called orthosilicic acid. This substance has the consistency of chalk and is used as a flavor for both Chex and Tums. Because orthosilicic acid is a known carcinogenic, it is banned from many commercial dog foods. However, dogs may still chew on these products, especially if they are hungry. So it may be possible to find a market for Chex tums and get them to eat Chex.

If you decide to give your dog Chex or Tums, please make sure they are the right choice for your pet. There are plenty of good chewing toys on the market, including toys made from rubber, cork, vinyl, and other materials. You should not punish dogs for chewing on something they were intended to eat – period. Use your best judgment when choosing a brand and consistency of chew toy – after all, your dog deserves to have some fun with you!

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