Can dogs eat water chestnuts? The question if dogs can eat water chestnuts is one of the frequent ones raised by dog owners. They find chestnuts a tasty snack but do not know if you can safely feed them to their dogs. The fact is that there are varieties of chestnuts that are safe for canine consumption, provided they are given food meant for carnivores. These include goldenseal chestnut, king, and shiner chestnuts. When feeding these healthy vegetables, it’s best to purchase water chestnuts rather than canned ones. These are rich in pyridoxine, an essential amino acid that the body needs to function normally.

While there are varieties of water chestnuts available, the one commonly found in the market is the Boston Chestnut. It is frequently sold as a cut form of salmon and is mainly used to supplement dry dog foods. However, the nutrition provided by this nut is quite beneficial for the canine, especially when it comes to potassium and pyridoxine. In fact, Boston chestnut has been proven to have an excellent level of these minerals when consumed regularly.

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Aside from having a high potassium and pyridoxine level, Boston chestnut also contains a lot of fiber. Fiber helps to normalize the levels of sugar in the blood. Furthermore, it reduces the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries. Hence, feeding small portions of this nut to your dog is a great idea, especially if your dog suffers from coronary disease and high blood pressure.

Can Dogs Eat Water Chestnuts? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

There are instances when people feed their dogs with large amounts of canned fish. Although canned fish is convenient to cook, but it can be very messy and can’t always keep fish healthy. Likewise, there are times when large quantities of fish are needed for a family function or a get-together. If you don’t want to feed your pet with scraps, you may opt to provide them with water chestnuts instead. Indeed, this is a healthier alternative for dogs to eat and can prevent them from acquiring various kinds of diseases.

One of the reasons dogs like eating water chestnuts the most is high water content. Water is essential for the animal’s survival, and as such, it should never be overlooked. Dogs need approximately eight glasses of water to stay hydrated and maintain normal body functions. With a high water content, your dog will not go thirsty even if there are times when you forget to supply him with water. Moreover, this also prevents constipation since dogs have bowel reflexes that cause stool release when they are threatened or when they are exposed to situations where water is not readily available.

You may be wondering how dogs can be eating high water chestnuts, given that horses aren’t? This is actually a common misunderstanding. While both animals may need plenty of water, horses do not need a high amount. They only need a moderate one to prevent digestive problems and maintain their organs in good working conditions. Given this information, you would know that it would be better to use high potassium foods to avoid bloating and gas in your dog rather than give him high water chestnuts!

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