Watermelon is delicious, sure, but can dogs eat watermelon safely? It is an irresistible picnic staple, sure, but just how safe is watermelon for dogs? If you love this juicy, green fruit but have temporarily stopped short of giving it to your canine friend, your instincts were partly right. You know how dogs can get dehydrated just by the mere sight of certain fruits. That is why it is crucial for you to be very wary about giving your dog any form of watermelon, whether raw or cooked, raw, canned, or cooked.

Although many people claim to avoid giving dogs fruits and vegetables because they can upset their stomachs and cause gas, this simply isn’t true. Watermelon is one of those foods that can upset dogs’ tummies even if they aren’t allergic to the rind. When it comes to dogs and their intestinal tracts, there is always some level of tolerance, even when the fruit is just on the table.

While it is true that dogs can have a negative reaction to certain types of foods, the same can’t be said about hot days. Dogs, like humans, absolutely love a cool, steaming bowl of soup or chili. The problem comes when a dog barks at the sight of a bowl of soup or of hot dogs. This can be attributed to a number of different factors including the way your dog handles hot days, the duration of the hot day, the time of day and the presence of other dogs eating around him. In order to help your dog adjust his eating habits and avoid hot days, you should start him out with small amounts of soup and eventually move to larger amounts of hot dog.

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If your dog barks when you give him a bowl of soup, try serving it with some cooked, cut up cucumbers, carrots, celery sticks, turnips or small pieces of sweet potatoes. Although this is primarily a southern meal, dogs may be tolerant of the taste of fruit in the beginning. Once you start adding things like cucumbers, carrots and turnips to the soup, he may start showing signs of discomfort. If he balks at the sight of these items, it’s probably best to serve a few frozen vegetables instead. In addition to the discomfort associated with the cucumbers, turnips and turnip greens can be high in calories, which means that the dog will likely have more than enough energy to enjoy the treat he’s been denied.

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Most Asked Question and Facts About This Topic

Because dogs can’t handle very large quantities of fiber at one time, don’t feed them watermelon seeds or whole fruits that are very high in fiber content. If your dog tries to eat too much of this type of food, he could become seriously malnourished. If this happens, he could also develop gastrointestinal problems like dehydration, fever and even ketoacidosis – a condition that can lead to renal failure. Because dogs can’t digest seeds, their bodies won’t be able to expel the toxins that are left behind in the seed. This causes the body to produce ketones as a substitute for water.

Because some dogs are prone to develop cancerous tumors on their livers or kidneys, avoid feeding them foods that are high in lycopene. Some sources of lycopene are avocado, cantaloupe, tomatoes and sunflower seeds. Although there are some cases where people are allowed to feed their dogs large quantities of lycopene, most of the time this treatment is not advised. In addition, the cancer-causing pesticides used in modern agriculture may have an adverse effect on the liver. The better choice would be to give your canine’s raw fruits and vegetables or cooked or mashed vegetables that contain a good amount of antioxidants.

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